• 1 - Suspension - Matrioshka


Matrioshka is Russian nesting dolls re-imagined in glass. The glass is hand blown in the Czech Republic, a nation centuries rooted in glass artisanship and renowned for their high quality and beauty of their skilled production. The new pendant lamp consists of domes of pigmented, hand blown glass around an E27 light source.

As both artificial and natural light passes through the glass it filters and converges the colours to form new ones, resulting in a living light that subtly changes with its surroundings.

Material: Glass
Dimensions: 24cm diameter x 32cm H
Colours: Red, Blue, Yellow, Grey (new!)

Lightsource: E27 / E26 USA, Max 100W (not included)
Recommended Bulb: LED Globe Bulbs 400 – 1000 lumen output and from 2700K (for warmer with more colour), up to 6000K (daylight)

Cable Length: 4m
Cable Colour: White